International Day of Climate Action






Ecoclub of School celebrated International Day of Climate Action on 24th October under the guidance of Didi Dinesh Kalra on theme “Betterment of environment for encouraging awareness and action to climate”. Different online competition were held on the given topics

1)     Global Warming

2)     Earth is my mother

3)     Protect Environment

In Primary Section, Fancy Dress competition, Rhymes and its video and Hand – painting using vegetables were held. In Middle section, Poem/ Speech competition, poster competition, Bird nest making competition were held.

In Secondary and Senior Secondary Section, Plantation, Bird nest making, Painting, sketching, Digital art photography competition were held. Students participated in these competition enthusiastically. Certificates were given to all participants.



Ecobrick Project


Eco Club of School started Ecobrick project under the guidance of Didi Dinesh Kalra in December, 2020. Purpose of project was to reuse the plastic and non – biodegradable material and make environment pollution free. An ecobrick is a plastic bottle packed with used plastic to a set density. It can be used to produce various items including garden walls, furnitures & other structure.  Students of classes Pre – Nursery to XII were guided to make Ecobrick. Students submitted ecobricks to their class incharges. 97 Ecobricks were submitted by pre – primary section, 168 by primary section, 134 by Middle Section, 73 by Secondary section, 37 by Senior Secondary Section. Total 510 Eco bricks were prepared by students. These ecobricks were reviewed by teachers and judgement was done on the basis of quality of Ecobricks. Prizes were given by School Principal Sh. Subash Bhardwaj.













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