Dear  parents 

Jai Hind 

Over crowding in auto-rickshaws has become a common sight. There are many instances when the auto-rickshaws could be seen ferrying passangers more than the permissible limit.School going kids could be seen jostling for space inside the jam-packed autos and some of them seated precariously at the edge of the  auto driver's seat unaware of the dangers they are exposed to. Safety of our children is our main concern.If the school and parents cooperate the safety of children can be ensured.We at school guide all the drivers for safety of children but practically there's no change in the situation. So it is the responsibility of parents to check that when the auto picks the child parents should see how many children are sitting there and ensure that it is not over loaded. It is advised to make some better arrangements for your child.

No motorbike is allowed in school. Driving without license is an offence.See that your child does not drive without license. 

Hope you will cooperate with us.



Dayanand Public School Pandusar Nabha